Invaluable Contributor to Our Success

  • Debbie Hulbert and Keigh Design has been a critical service provider to our businesses (Bainbridge Leadership Center, The Power of TED*, and 3 Vital Questions) for many, many years. She has designed multiple websites and updated them many times – always with creativity, professionalism, and openness to our needs and desires as clients. Debbie has also produces many graphic materials for us, as well as formatting our books for e-publication and submitting them to distributors.

    When it comes to working with the internet, websites, graphics – even software – if she hasn’t already mastered it, she will learn it in order to be of service.

    Debbie and Keigh Design has been an integral service provider and invaluable contributor to our success.

    I would highly recommend Keigh Design to anyone!

    David Emerald Womeldorff
    Author, Co-Owner
    Bainbridge Leadership Center, The Power of TED*, 3 Vital Questions

Completely Trustworthy

  • Debbie Hulbert, Creative Chief at Keigh Design, is a wonder. She has the attributes that matter: talent, creative thinking plus problem-solving thinking (she’ll find a way to do it, whatever it is), broad and deep knowledge, good communication skills, reliability, trustworthiness.

    Debbie is a gem. Her time and skill, her flexibility, patience, and ability to understand the client’s needs and wants are worth much more than she charges!

    Judith C. Tingley, Ph.D.
    Freeland Writer & Consultant

Considerable Skill

  • I hired Debbie to help me with branding and website development for my new law business. Debbie was incredibly supportive, insightful and patient with me through the process of creating my new professional identity. From the start she showed a sensitivity to my tastes and style and used this and her considerable skill to help me come up with a unique design for my website that I felt really reflected me as well as my professional aims. She made herself available at all hours for my many questions, was very clear in her explanations and even helped me with other technical aspects of setting up my home office. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a clear-headed, empathic, and creative person to help design a website and business identity at a very reasonable price.

    Jennifer Coates
    International Tax Attorney

Highly Recommend!

I Keep Coming Back

  • Debbie Hulbert of Keigh Design has created two websites for me and countless other projects. Her creative genius is boundless, and she knows how to tap into mine to that the products she designs I am consistently delighted with. Debbie is enjoyable to work with. She draws out as much as she can about what the client wants, works on concepts and always presents options. If you want a website that truly expresses who you are and what you do, you can’t have a better partner than Debbie.

    Sandra Jones
    Owner, Coach, & Consultant
    Your Soul Satisfaction
  • Thank you over and over for creating such a gorgeous website. I am deeply grateful for your skills, talents and humor. This has been a wonderful journey with you.

    Jennifer Waldron, Ph.D.
    Jennier Waldron
  • The Keigh Design team’s talent in web construction and ad design has had a wonderfully positive impact on our business. we noticed a substantial increase in sales within the first couple of months of working with the,. they are very knowledgeable, patient and eager to help solve issues or explore new modes of advertising.  they have always been frugal with our advertising dollars and are more than fair in their billing practices.

    Sue Taylor
    (Former) Owner
    Retail Home Improvement
  • Debbie Hulbert of Keigh Design is a master of her craft of web and graphic design. She is a true collaborator and a joy to work with. I have found her costs to be quite reasonable. Most importantly, the final products have boosted my professional profile and accelerated my business. I have been very pleased by every aspect of working with her. I highly recommend her!

    Stephen Rowley, Ph.D.
    Private Practice
  • Thankfully, I discovered Keigh Design and Debbie Hulbert, Owner and Website & Graphic Designer. Debbie took the time to develop a questionnaire for me to complete to best inform her of what I would like in a website. Debbie and I reviewed my responses to her survey questions and she asked deep dive questions about my responses during our first off site meeting. I highly recommend Keigh Design and Debbie Hulbert for anyone seeking a well designed website that attracts businesses interested in the basic services provided by the organization. The actual process of developing the materials to share on the website took some time; but Debbie focused on branding, strategies, designs and controlling cost.

    Don Waring
    Owner & Consultant
    Human Resources Partner in Public Education, LLC
  • Johnanna

    Debbie has been an amazing resource as I venture into my new business. Her process for creating a brand that reflects who I really am is in-depth and effective. She is a delight to work with!

    Johanna Munson
    Johanna Munson, End of Life Navigator