Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is part art, part science.

When it is done well, your site will move up in the search rankings and attract the right kind of traffic. We work with you to get a clear understanding of who your customer is, who you would like your customer to be, and what type of visitors you want to attract. Once we know this, then we can begin to work with your copy and the site’s back-end to create a content rich SEO site.

Content is King where SEO is concerned and so is how you format it. Google and other search engines have specific algorithms that they use to rank content and search results. Therefore we will work together to create the strongest copy we can that meets google and other requirements. There are several other elements to consider and we will craft a plan to address all of them when we optimize your website.

How will you know if your SEO is working for you? First, your site will move up in the search rankings (this takes time). Second, we will install analytical tools that allow you to see who is visiting your site, where they came from, what pages they frequent, and how long they stay. Regular review of these reports will allow you to monitor and maintain the SEO capabilities of your website. Please contact us to learn more.

“…The search engine optimization you provided puts me at the top of search engines for anyone looking for a florist on Bainbridge Island.”
Pipper Watkins
Pipper’s Flowers

We offer a wide range of additional services – providing the small business owner a comprehensive marketing & design firm in one place.

Additional services include: Copy Writing, Copy Editing, Video Editing, Email marketing (Constant Contact and others), Social Media Design and Set Up, eBook formatting & last, but certainly not least, Marketing Strategy Consulting Services. Contact us to learn more.

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